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Rimini is a holiday resort of the Romagna Riviera, but also a city of historical and cultural level not indifferent.

Rimini has a warm temperate climate, permanently wet, with very hot summer, with characteristics of transition to the Mediterranean climate. According to the classification of Rivas-Martínez, it falls within the sub-Mediterranean temperate climate zone.

The coastline, consisting of recent marine deposits, is bordered by a beach of fine sand, 15 km long and up to 200 meters wide, interrupted only by the mouths of the watercourses and sloping very slowly towards the sea. Along the coast there is a sandy cord, or "dead cliff", formed by phenomena of marine ingression that occurred around 4,000 BC. and exploited by the Romans for the setting of the first city port. A stretch of the cordon is preserved north of Rimini, between Rivabella and Bellaria-Igea Marina, set back about 1300 meters from the coast line.

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